Monday, April 29, 2013

Call Forwarding Lets You Speak Directly to Your Customers No Matter Where You Are

Most of the major telephone service providers now offer a call forwarding feature as part of their business phone systems. Almost every business makes use of this feature today to stay in contact with their customers or to provide better customer service. Calls are forwarded to designated phone numbers and at times to a chain of phone numbers. The user has to provide the system with the phone numbers and can also state the day and time when he is available on each of these numbers. Call forwarding is an important feature in today’s telecommuting and has several benefits for a business:

Increased Availability

The most important of these benefits is that it makes you available to your clients and customers even when you are not in the office.  It allows you to forward calls to more than one telephone number like a cell phone number, residence phone number or other phone numbers of your choice. The call forwarding feature actually hunts you down to deliver the call. You can also customize the phone system in such a way that it delivers phone calls to a particular number on a pre-determined day and time. This particular feature is known as Follow-Me-Find-Me. It always makes you available to customers so that they can speak to you directly.

Better Mobility

Because call forwarding allows you to forward calls to cell phone, you can answer customers on the go. It helps to increase the mobility of employees without reducing communication with customers. It does not matter whether you are vacationing, in a hotel or in the airport or have just stepped out of your office, now it is possible to answer customers anywhere and at any time. This also helps to reduce the chances of important calls going unanswered. 

Makes Business Look Big

Call forwarding also helps a company expand its business presence. You can assign either local or toll free phone numbers for different geographies and forward the calls to the same central location. Though all the calls are answered from a single office, it creates an impression that the business is scattered across the country. This can contribute immensely to your business image. It proves the business to be big and also credible. If you are using an auto attendant, all the calls will be quickly answered and they will be connected to the right person or department without taking much time.

Customers Prefer to Talk Directly

If you are not able to answer customers on any of the phone numbers, the auto attendant of the virtual phone system forwards the call to the voicemail box. Callers can leave a message for you at the voicemail box and can expect a reply. Often customers get disappointed as soon as they hit a voicemail box because they do not expect to be called back. This is because a voice message often goes unanswered either because they are not properly reported or because they are not answered. This is why a modern virtual phone sends alerts as soon as there’s a new voice message. You can also set a personal voice message before the caller leaves his message to assure the caller that you will reply to every message. But it is always better if customers can talk to you directly.

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