Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Call Forwarding

Protect Your Personal Numbers with Call Forwarding

In this day and age, there is almost nothing that people can’t do. In terms of call management, for example, they can give away a phone number that doesn’t really exist, except as a route that leads to their real phone number. If you’re wondering how exactly this is going to benefit you, the ways are many. However, there is one benefit that you’ll always appreciate in every call forwarding scenario - protection for your personal numbers.

Call forwarding is a telephone service that enables a person to use a certain number which isn’t really connected to a telephone. Rather, this number serves as a pathway through which calls made to it can be forwarded to the subscriber’s number connected to a landline or cellphone. Therefore, with call forwarding, you need not disclose your real phone number or numbers to people. You can simply give them a series of digits assigned to you by a call forwarder, and you can continue to receive calls on your phone without divulging your real information. There are two main benefits you enjoy in this scenario - privacy and security.

If you’re a very private person then call forwarding is definitely for you. This is especially true in certain circumstances when your privacy seems to be a luxury. For example, if you have just opened a small, home-based business, you don’t need to go around giving people your real phone number. Getting a separate phone line might be too costly either, so the more practical option would be to subscribe to a call forwarding service. This way, your customers, associates and other people who want to do business with you can continue to do so, while you continue reserving your real phone number or numbers to your most trusted friends and relatives.

It is no secret that some crimes are committed partly because people have not been careful with their phone numbers. As soon as a criminal takes hold of a target’s contact information, anything is possible. This is why protecting your personal number might just be important, especially if you deal with the public a lot, or if you are engaged in a business or activity where your security is a main concern. With a call forwarding service, people won’t know your real phone number, but you can still get information on the calls you receive, such as the phone number making the call, the time the call was made and possibly, the location of the person calling.

The world has changed a lot indeed, and while technology has given people more power than they’ve ever had in their hands, it has also made them more vulnerable in many ways. Whether the objective is to manage calls with privacy, security or both, call forwarding services can surely help. However, as not all call forwarders are created equal, it is important that the right considerations are made before choosing which company to trust.

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