Monday, November 12, 2012

Divert Calls

Divert Calls to Your Cell Phone when Out of the Office

While being available to take telephone calls is certainly very important, it is just not feasible for a business owner or other employees to wait faithfully by the phone during business hours, much less 24 hours a day. The ability for business owners and employees to divert calls to their cell phones while out of the office can make business and personal life much easier.

Business Portability
Business owners who run a very small company from home may not have any other employees on-site at all times. For this reason, it is often their sole responsibility to answer all of the telephone calls while handling the majority of the company’s operations. Since it is not likely that the business owner will be able to wait by the telephone all day in anticipation of business calls, it is often best to find a way to divert calls. This is simple when choosing a call forwarding feature from a virtual phone system provider. By simply clicking a few buttons on the computer screen, business owners can easily divert the calls to their business phones over to their mobile phones instead.

Always Available
Stepping away from the office may not be as stressful as long as there is another individual on-site, but this does not negate all of the employee’s telephone responsibilities. While another department may be able to handle a business owner or manager’s calls, customer escalations must be dealt with by following a chain of command.  Even when the manager is out of the office, the ability to divert calls to a cell phone puts them in an always-available position. This means that other employees and customers can stay in contact without having to remember any secondary telephone numbers and the manager does not have to be concerned with being unavailable.

Maintain Privacy
When a business owner or employee chooses to divert calls from the office phone to their cell phone, the calling parties have no idea their calls are being redirected. In fact, the cell phone number is never revealed to the caller, whether that caller is an employee or a customer. The call is forwarded seamlessly with no break in service and no announcement to the calling party that they are being rerouted. This way, business owners are not required to provide their employees or their customers with their personal telephone numbers whenever they leave the office, maintaining their privacy and making things easier for everyone involved.

Ease of Use

When a business is able to divert calls successfully, this can even add to productivity in the workplace. If employees are used to punching in extension numbers to contact other departments or employees, they can simply perform the same actions in order to contact these same people on their cell phones. There is no need to look up mobile numbers in telephone directories or search through company records.

Any business owner or company employee likely knows that being available to answer the phone is a very important job requirement. With the ability to divert calls, answering phones has never been simpler or more mobile. This feature allows people to keep their personal telephone numbers private while staying in the loop at all times.

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