Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stay Close to Your Customers with the Call Forwarding Feature

Call forwarding is an important feature of a virtual phone system that you should use for the benefit of your business. If you are using a toll free number for your business, you can be assured that soon you will be overwhelmed by the volume of inbound calls. Answering these calls is important because the success of your business depends on these calls, though some may be time wasters. You can divert the time wasters to your voicemail box, but what about the important calls? Missing a customer’s call means missing out on a valuable business opportunity. So to ensure that you are available to your customers all the time, you can use the call forwarding feature of your virtual phone.

A Special Feature

The call forwarding feature of a virtual phone helps you create an always-available presence to your business contacts. A virtual phone system has a special call forwarding feature that is more effective and efficient than traditional call forwarding - it’s called Follow-Me-Find-Me.  It can locate you at more than one phone number of your choice.  If you are using Follow-Me-Find-Me feature with your virtual phone none of your customer’s call will no unattended.


Follow-Me-Find-Me is an incredible feature of a virtual phone system that tries to connect you to more than one phone numbers of your choice. You can provide your phone system the numbers where you want your calls to be forwarded to and call forwarding will hunt you down to deliver your call. The first number could be your cell phone number; the second number could be your residence phone number and any other numbers of your choice.

You can also set days of the week and even hours when you are available on each number and can customize exactly where and how you want your customers to reach you. You can also program the system in such a way that it prevents calls on one particular number during a fixed time of a day or any particular day of a week. If you are busy and cannot answer calls, it is better to use the “Do Not Disturb” mode until you are available.

Call Screening and Announce

You can also program your virtual phone in such a way that your callers hear a brief sales pitch and then they forward calls just by pressing zero. It also allows you to use call screening so that you can have more information about your caller and can answer your calls better.  Call screen and announce help you save your time. You can enable call screen and announce on any extension that is using call forwarding and prompt the caller to record their name. So now you can speak directly with the people you think are important for your business and can divert those to your voicemail whom you think are time wasters. Call screening and announce works seamlessly with the Follow-Me-Find-Me feature.

Call forwarding helps you transact with your customers easily.  Each call that you receive via phone is an opportunity to raise your revenue. So it is important that you answer your calls promptly and this particular feature helps you answer your customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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