Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Benefits of Using Call Forwarding Feature on Your Business Phone

All the calls that you receive on your business phone are not equally important. In fact there are quite a few that are time wasters. This is where the call forwarding feature of your virtual telephone becomes so very important. When a customer calls on your business phone number, the auto attendant usually answers the call and forwards the call to the right person or department of his choice. So your telephonic interaction with your customers begins when the auto attendant forwards the call to you. It also helps you to route your calls to other phone numbers or even voicemail box when you are not available to answer your customers.

Smarter Features
But the call forwarding feature can become more effective and efficient with a virtual phone.  The Follow-Me-Find-Me feature actually helps you to forward calls to more than one number including your home phone number, your cell phone number and other numbers of your choice. To use this feature, you need to provide phone numbers to your phone system and it will hunt you down to deliver your call. You can also set days and times for any phone number to prevent calls during those times. 

You can also enable call screening and announce on any extension of your virtual phone that is using call forwarding and prompt the caller to record their name. So now you speak only with the people you think are important for your business and divert those to your voicemail whom you think are time- wasters. So how can your business benefit by using this feature?

Busy in Important Meetings

Your business may require you to go out and meet individuals. If you wish to expand your business you cannot remain tied to your desk all the time. You have to go out and meet people. Suppose you are in the middle of that make-or-break lunch meeting and your phone starts buzzing. You obviously will not be happy to spend those valuable minutes talking over the phone. This is where call forwarding becomes important. You should forward your calls to other numbers. But research has shown that when customers call they prefer to talk to someone. So no matter which number you forward your calls to, your customers should not feel neglected.

Remain Connected to Your Customers Always

A virtual phone system keeps you connected with all your important communications always – at home, office or even when you are on vacation. This is a special kind of phone system that works with any phone - even your cell phone. It allows you to forward calls to more than one phone number including your cell phone.  You can set the time of the day and the day of the week when you are available on each number to answer your customer’s call and your virtual telephone will forward your calls accordingly. So now you enjoy both – work and vacation without compromising one for the other.

Marketing and Advertising Tool

You can also prompt your callers to hear a brief sales pitch and then use call forwarding just by pressing zero. This actually works like a brief advertisement for your business and at the same time there’s no chance of missing any valuable business opportunity. One missed call indicates one missed business opportunity that can prove pricey for your business.  If you are busy and do not have the time to answer all the calls you can use call screen and announce.  It not only saves time but also your business opportunities.

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